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Meet the Iron Mountain James Gang

Bob Younger was one of the four Younger brothers who rode with the James Gang. He did his share of robbing, shooting and killing during the 1870's and 1880's.

​Jesse James was the leader of a notorious gang of robbers who stole money from banks, mercantiles and trains in the 1870's and 1880's. The James-Younger gang robbed the Iron Mountain Railway on Jan. 31, 1874. at Gads Hill. It was the first train robbery in Missouri.​

 Zerelda was the mother of the James boys. Rumors are that she was the brains behind the entire operation. She always swore her boys were good, honest men who had been done wrong.​

The infamous Iron Mountain James Gang's hideout.


Arthur McCoy is known as the Wild Irishman. He is believed to be involoved in the killing of the Pinkerton agent.

Calamity Jane. born in Princeton, Missouri was always up for an adventure. She could ride like a cowboy, fight like an Indian and drink like a fish. She associated with Jesse James and Wild Bill Hickok.​

​Henry Timberlake was the sheriff of Clay County, Missouri in the 1800's. He spent much of his time trying to capture Jesse James and his gang of outlaws.

​Cole Younger joined Jess James and his gang in the 1870's. His brothers, Bob, Jim and John often joined in the robberies. Cole and Belle Star were very close.​

The Iron Mountain James Gang. Hold on to your wallet if you see this crew. They have been known to hang out near our tracks.

The Iron Mountain James Gang. 

Belle Star was known as the Bandit Queen in the 1880's. She rode and robbed with the James Gang. She could ride horses and shoot guns as good as any man. She was in prison for a year for stealing horses.

Clell Miller was a Confederate bushwacker who joined the James Gang in the 1870's. He took part in robbing banks, stagecoaches and trains.

Zerelda and Jesse

The infamous Iron Mountain James Gang's hideout.

The Iron Mountain James Gang. 

Call ahead to the train to reserve your special experience as a Iron Mountain James Gang member. Hang out in their hideout. Get to know these scoundrels. Rob a train.  You can even take home part of the Loot! Several dates to choose from call us at 573-243-1688.
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