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Are we fast? No. Do we go far? No. Are we fun? Yes!!

We love trains here at the Iron Mountain Railway! Especially our train, which is a traveling history museum with passenger cars that are from 1926. Stepping back in time, we want you to make some memories as we travel along the tracks. The Iron Mountain is the only train we know of that is run entirely by trained volunteers. We want our passengers to have a good time, and we work very hard to make that happen. It's not an ordinary train, there are lots of activities going on during our excursions. Trains robberies, treasure hunts, music, dinosaurs -- you just never know who will show up for the ride. But we guarantee it won't be ordinary.  

  • How much are Tickets?
    Sat. 1 p.m. Adults $20, Kids $12 Under 2 are free Murder mystery adults $50, kids $30 Chuck wagon adults $40, kids $30 Private charters $1100 Santa trains adults $22.00 Kids $17 and Under 2 are free Any additional shows/events/add ons will be listed with prices Tax will be added to all ticket prices at time of purchase.
  • When do I pay for my reservations?
    You can make online reservations on the website or call to make reservastions. You will pay when you arrive for your event. Exceptions are Murder Mystery, Chuck Wagon and Santa Train tickets - You will need to pay by phone with a credit card and your tickets will be mailed to you.
  • When should I get there?
    You may arrive up to 1 hour before your train departure or event. You can spend time in the Whistle Stop Depot or on the deck while you wait. We recommend arrival at least 30 minutes before departure. We are a train, we leave on time. If your tickets are for 1pm, you must have paid for your tickets and be boarded on the train before 1pm. You must be at the Depot and claim your tickets at the very latest 15 minutes before your train ride. If they are not claimed, and you can not called us, we will release your tickets for walk - up sale.
  • What can I bring? Can we bring our own food?
    We have a snack bar at the Whistle Stop Depot and on the train. You can also bring your own drinks and snack if you prefer. Any coolers mus be small enought to fit under the table between your feet.
  • Are there bathrooms on the train?
    Yes. The bathrooms on the train can be used while the train is in motion. There are bathrooms in the Whistle Stop Depot
  • How long is the ride?
    Saturday train rides are 2 hours. 1-3pm Shows and Murder Mysteries are 2-2.5 hours. We ride slowly down our 5 -6 mile track. All train rides start at the Depot and end at the Depot. Many times we will stop during out ride at the Iron Mountain Village.
  • Is this handicap accessible?
    Yes. The Depot, the train and the village are all handicap accessible. Our air conditioned 3rd car is not accessible by wheelchair, but is by walker.
  • Where does the train go?
    We are a short line closed track of 5 -6 miles. We head from Jackson MO to Gordonville MO. We always make a stop at our Iron Mountain Junction Village, dependant on the weather conditions. We do ride slowly down our tracks. Train excursions are 2 hours.
  • Will the train make any stops?
    Yes. We stop at the Iron Mountain Junction Village weather permitting. We have a campfire, make s'mores, play games and have music.
  • How do I buy tickets in advance?
    We take reservations for all train excursions. Most tickets are paid for when you arrive for your event. Make your reservations online on the reservations page or call 573-243-1688. The exceptions are Murder Mystery Dinners, Chuck Wagon Dinners, and Santa Train tickets, which are paid for by phone at the time the reservation is made.
  • What else can I do while I am there?
    Great question! Visit the Whistle Stop Depot to find out about all our local events.
  • Do you have air conditioning?
    Our two main cars are not air conditioned. Our train cars are over 90 years old and the air conditioning was considered as opening the windows back then, which is what we do. Does it get warm? Yes. But when we go down the tracks, there is a breeze. If there are unusual days that we feel it is too hot to be on the train, we would cancel the excursion for safety reasons. We have a one air conditioned car, which holds 65 passengers. If you must be in the air conditioning, please let our conductor know as you board.
  • Can I bring animals on the train?
    No. The ONLY exception is a registered service animal.
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